In my abstract artwork, the concept of “notion” serves as the guiding principle. It embodies the fluidity of thought and the subjective nature of perception, inviting each viewer to embark on a unique interpretative journey. The notion represents an idea or impression that is intentionally ambiguous and open-ended, allowing the observer’s emotions, experiences, and imagination to shape their understanding. This interplay between the artwork and the viewer creates a dynamic narrative that evolves with every gaze, making the art a living, breathing entity defined by the notions it evokes in the eye of the beholder.

Explore emotion

In exploring emotion, "notion" acts as a catalyst, transforming abstract ideas into deeply personal experiences. Each viewer's interpretation, influenced by their unique emotional landscape, reveals new layers of meaning within the artwork. This interplay makes the art a mirror of the beholder's inner world, inviting an intimate and evolving emotional journey.

Artists Devotion

In the artist's devotion, "notion" becomes a profound testament to their passion and commitment. Each brushstroke and form is imbued with the artist's dedication to conveying a deeply personal vision. This unwavering devotion invites viewers to connect with the artwork on a profound level, feeling the intensity and sincerity behind every abstract element. Through this lens, the artwork transforms into a heartfelt dialogue between the artist's devotion and the beholder's perception.

Feel the Motion

In feeling the motion, "notion" brings the artwork to life, transforming static forms into dynamic expressions. Each viewer's perception of movement within the piece creates a sense of flow and rhythm, making the art an ever-changing dance that resonates with their inner sensations. This interplay invites a personal and evolving experience, turning the artwork into a living embodiment of motion.